ugh i have a terrible migraine and i’m seeing floating spots

Make some tea. Lay down. Try not to worry about homework and stuff because it’ll only make it worse.



…This is how it ends…

Did they know the show would be canceled before the finale came out?

You know, I’m not sure.

It was kind of a disappointing ending. I wanted a few more things to be wrapped up before the finale, but maybe they just had to end it randomly.

If one assumes nothing bad happened ever again, then the ending tied up everything, I guess. Olive never found out about Ned’s superpowers, and I was really looking forward to that. Meh, sigh. I feel apathetic, though it’s probably because of the current pain in my back.

It’s like the world was designed against me today. My back hurts like crazy after I dreamed I messed it up, and now I have to print stuff, and the printer is currently on the floor :’(