Tumblr user cbheck who’s real name is Colin Heck (He works in animation and worked as Korra's storyboard director) replied to a fan's question about Zuko's daughter's name. Aangela. He may be joking, but who knows.

link to his post about this

Seems like a joke. I’ve seen this in too many gender-bent fan-works as Aang’s female name. Plus, it sounds way too English to fit in that universe.


If the show decides to go the “Red Lotus tried to kidnap Korra because they had a different idea of how the Avatar should be raised” route, I can’t imagine a more powerful line to introduce that side of them than this:

"We have something in common, Avatar.  You and I were both imprisoned by the White Lotus for the same crime.  They just gave you a nicer cage."